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Annette Marie​ Stephenson

Take The Journey. Experience Drama and Romance

Every page leads to a breathtaking moment, a heartfelt memory, and a touching message.

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Leaving a Mark on Your Heart

Greetings Readers! I am Annette Marie Stephenson, a romance novelist on the verge of sharing my work around the world. Writing stories for this genre is a meaningful journey for me and my readers. On every page, you will be taken to a place where drama meets romance, moments that will take your breath away, and maybe cry a tear relating to the characters.  And there is a healing message.

Some of my work includes Divided Mountain, The Shoe Box, The Landscaper's Wife, The Many Colors Of Poetry, The Other Side of Brook, and The Tree at Lindley Park. Continue browsing my site to learn more about my books and how you can get a copy. 

Mission Statement

I provide inspirational, positive writings throughout my books. My goal is to give my readers a calm, inviting place to go when reading my books. Whether it's on a relaxing beach vacation or to be in a quiet place away from the world, my books can give the reader a good feeling. I specialize in clean-read stories. If you want to read a good book about family drama, romance, falling in love, and relationships, I am the author for you.